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The Solution to Prevent Mold Damage and Production Downtime is our Process Sensors custom engineered, turn-key PSC-160-IMMS MoldMinder Camera System with Touch Screen Display

Thermoplastic injection mold machine presses have a high risk factor of experiencing critical damage due to molded parts sticking within the mold cavities.

The Model PSC-160 IMMS Camera System will alert operators and stop the press before any hazardous force can be applied to the mold. This increases yield, and prevents severe mold damage and related down-time, which is often more expensive and troublesome than the actual mold tool damage.

Users of PSC-160-IMMS experience no false alarms due to shadowing on the mold that is inherent with the use of visible CCD machine camera vision systems.

Process Sensors infrared camera technology eliminates problems that can occur with visible ambient plant lighting, color variations of plastics or shiny mold surfaces. As an added benefit, the infrared model PSC-160-IMMS camera system can precisely measure the molded part temperatures as well.

The High Speed, USB 2.0, thermal imaging camera at 120 frames per second, quickly inspects and identifies the parts within the mold to trigger the mold ejection push pins, before closing the mold to end the cycle.

Equipped with the simple-to-use, intuitive and powerful PSC Camera Connect Software, quickly retains and saves job set up templates for later retrieval of future job set ups. It is ideally suited for injection mold monitoring and control.

Download Process Sensors Mold Minder Brochure

An alternative solution for those with thin plastic film needs: The PSC-SSS-P3


Accurate temperature measurement of thin plastic films including:Polypropylene (PP), Polyethylene (PE), Polystyrene (PS).

Rugged and usable in up to 75 °C ambient temperature without cooling. Has an electronic box for programming and temperature display. Precise, non-contact temperature measurement of thin plastic films from 50° to 400 °C (122° to 752 °F). Has an analog output of 0/4 – 20 mA, 0-5 V/0 -10V, thermocouple type K or J and integrated digital interfaces with optional Profibus DP, USB, RS232, or RS485

Download the PSC-SSS-P3 brochure



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