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PSC-PTLST-20-1M-2MTwin lasers and a built-in optical telescope simplify precise aiming on small targets at extended distances with Process Sensor Corp.’s latest addition to their range of portable infrared thermometers.

The Models PSC PTLST-20-1M and 2M also feature a dual grip handle to assist steady aiming. Typical applications for the portable instrument are slag free molten metals and crucibles, furnace surveys in the steel, glass and refractory industries, molten glass, semiconductor wafers, composites, ceramics, induction heating of metals and spot measurements in vacuum furnaces.

Two models offer temperature ranges of 650 to 1800 °C on the 1M version, or 385 to 1600 °C on the 2M. Spectral responses of 1.0µm and 1.6µm respectively, enhance measurement accuracy when monitoring relatively low or variable emissivity targets. The two lasers are mounted such that the beams converge at the target distance, illuminating the measured area. A Ni-MH rechargeable battery provides a generous 25 hours of operation without the lasers, and 5 hours with the lasers and display back-lighting on. Other outstanding features include an internal 2000 reading data logger, and max/min audible, and visual three color alarm signaling on the integral display. A USB interface and included PSC Connect software are provided for downloading data to a computer for storage and analysis.

Download PSC PTLST-20-1M/2M portable telescopic, laser sight thermometer technical specifications



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