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Metis MB35 Pyrometer

Metis Self-Contained Precision On-Line Pyrometer

The Metis MB35 is a stand-alone pyrometer which measures low temperatures for metal, ceramic, and composite surfaces. Temperature ranges from 35 to 1000°C.



The Metis MB35 is a accurate, reliable stand-alone pyrometer commonly used to measure the temperature of metal surfaces. 

Pyrometer Metis MB35 utilizes lead selenide detectors with filtered spectral response at relative short infrared wavelengths, and is therefore often used to measure metal surfaces above 50°C. The emissivity of these surfaces decreases with an increased wavelength, so they offer much better performance than other pyrometers with similar low zero scale temperatures, but with longer wavelength response.

The MB pyrometer uses a fixed focus lenses.  Fixed focusing gives you control of the cone of vision and offers the possibility to measure either a small spot (focused) or the average of a bigger spot (out of focus). Fixed focus lenses with larger diameter collect more infrared energy and therefore result in smaller spot sizes.

The lenses are made of calcium fluoride CaF2  which are highly transparent in their spectral regions. If additional windows are necessary, they must offer similar optical characteristics.

The Metis MB35 is offered with a variety of capabilities and features for maximum application flexibility.  Please see the Specifications tab above for a summary.


Metis MB35

Spectral Response
2 – 5 μm
Temperature Range
35 – 700°C 100 – 1000°C
Lens Type and Material
Fixed focus, calcium floride lens
Focus Optics
Lens A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H

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