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Metis MY51 Pyrometer Series

Metis Self-Contained Precision On-Line Pyrometers

The Metis MY51 series is used for glass surface temperature measurement. These measurements can be taken using laser, through lens, or video sighting. These precision on-line process pyrometers offer adjustable, focusable optics for pinpointing very small targets. Temperature ranges from 50 to 2500°C



The Metis Self Contained series of IR Pyrometers was developed for precision on-line process temperature measurement applications. By utilizing digital signal processing, the Metis series exceeds standard analog pyrometers in accuracy, repeatability and temperature range.

Precision, adjustable focusable optics allows the Metis to pinpoint very small targets and features advanced sighting capabilities such as through the lens, laser or video. A variety of spectral responses are available for many applications, including Metals, Glass, Semiconductor, Vacuum, Ceramics, Plastics andComposites. 

The aluminum extruded housing (IP65) with mounting adaptation allows for easy installation onto a swivel base or adjustable bracket, or within a companion heavy duty water cooling jacket for use in harsh environments.

Metis-Pyrometers provide analog & digital signals including 4-20mA, 0-20mA, RS232, RS485 & Profibus. Optionally the product line features an integrated bright rear LED display, dual relays or fiber optic versions for use in high temperature environments, use in tight spaces or in high magnetic RF fields.


Metis MY51

Temperature Range
100 - 2500 °C
Spectral Response
5.14 µm
Min. Spot Size
0.8 mm
Glass surfaces

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