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PSC-SSS-laser-3M Video chart

The PSC-SSS-Laser-3M-Video is a 2 piece non-contact infrared temperature sensor system with real-time video capability and companion PC software. The PSCconnect software allows storage and instant integration of actual images into software graphs that are time stamped and easily retrieved for later evaluation. The parallel use of the real time video and dual laser sighting feature allows for easy alignment and exact pinpointing of the measured target.

This IR sensor features five distinct temperature ranges that span from the low temperature of 50°C up to 1800°C (122°F to 3272°F), utilizing a short wavelength of a 2.3μm spectral response. The short wave length minimizes the effects of emissivity caused by semi/shiny target materials such as metals. Applications include induction heating, steel, forging, casting, R & D and medical/aerospace applications which involve metal heating processes.

With standard adjustable manual focus optics from 200mm to infinity, close focus optics from 90mm to 250mm, and video and cross-hair sighting for pinpointing targets as small as 0.020 (0.5mm), the sensor has a fast response time from 1ms. Along with a compact and rugged stainless steel housing and other industrial accessories, the PSC-Laser-3M-Video can be usable in up to 70°C (158°F) ambient temperatures without cooling.

The PSConnect software and USB cable enables easy set-up of all pyrometer parameters, video alignment video capture and storage, and real-time process monitoring. Parameters include peak hold, valley hold, average, and extended hold functions with threshold and hysteresis.

Download PSC-SSS-Laser-Video-3M technical specifications

PSCconnect Software for Video Series



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