polaris-heat-switchThe Polaris line is a cost-efficient and an accurate non contact infrared temperature switching device, for the recognition of hot parts. The short wave spectral sensitivity of these units is important for the precise detection of polished, bright metal parts, because the impact of emissivity deviation on accuracy is much lower in the near end infrared region. The Polaris temperature heat switch provides 2 transistor outputs and includes 2 yellow LED’s on the back of the sensor indicating the switching position. Focus distances range from 6.7″ (170mm) to 79″ (2000mm) depending on the choice of selected optics. Spot sizes range from 1.3mm to 11mm. Available temperature ranges are from 300 °C to 1800°C.

PDFProductTemp. RangeSpectral ResponseApplicationsOptical Alignment, Laser
Visual,Video TV
Min. Spot SizeResponse Time
Polaris PI16300 - 1300 °C
350 - 1800 °C
1.45 – 1.8 µmCounting and
Positioning of Hot Parts
2 mm4 ms
Polaris PS09550 - 1400 °C
650 - 1800 °C
0.7 – 1.1 µmCounting, Identification
and Positioning of
Hot Parts
2 mm4 ms