Process Sensors’ line of portable, full featured radiometric cameras combine some of the most advanced capabilities in the industry: Blue Tooth Technology for voice recording and high resolution touch screen display. The PTI Series of innovative upright-style infrared cameras are compact, light-weight and ergonomically designed for operators’ convenience. Every button is easily operated with a fingertip.

The high sensitivity UFPA detector, matched with brilliant high resolution dual displays, provide sharp, crisp, thermal images for use in real time analysis. (60 fps).

A built-in laser pointer facilitates aiming, while the high resolution digital camera (PTI-170 and PTI-160V) records visible images of the corresponding thermal images for use in generating reports. Radiometric thermal images and visual pictures are saved via SD card for easy transfer of data from product to PC. Basic analysis and report generator software is provided as standard. Advanced analysis and report generator software is an option with a minor additional charge.

An intuitive menu system with macro hotkeys allows for quick and easy operation. High capacity memory storage and report generation software make these cameras ideal for field professionals needing to conduct energy audits, electrical and mechanical inspections, HVAC and PCBinspection, tank level determinations, roof surveys, along with facility maintenance and manufacturing process measurement applications.

Visual over thermal dual vision - pti application photos

Dual Vision - pti application photos







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