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Metis M323 Press Release-(2017)
New High-End Radiation Pyrometer with Selectable Focus Optics and SensorTools Software.

PSC-80NV Series Press Release-(2017)
New Innovative 2-Color Portable Infrared Thermometer with Adjustable Focus Optics and Color Display.

PSC-160-IMMS Mold Minder Press Release-(2017)
New and Improved Injection Molding Monitoring System

PSC-T54G Series Press Release-(2017)
1-Color Thermometer for Glass Surface Temperature Measurement

PSC-T56L Press Release-(2016)
Self-Contained 1-Color Pyrometer for Industrial Applications

PSC-BBS-FP Series Press Release-(2016)
Fixed Point Low Temperature Calibration Sources

PSC-SSS-P3 Press Release-(2016)
Pyrometers for Thin Plastic Film Measurement

PSC-SSS-Laser-Video 1M/2M Series Press Release-(2016)
Real Time Video and Laser Aiming

PSC-764-1M Press Release-(2016)
Ultra-compact Short Wavelength Infrared Camera

PSC-SSS-Laser-05 Press Release-(2015)
Molten, Shiny Metal Temperature Measurement

PSC-SSS-Laser-3M-Video Press Release-(2015)
Real Time Video Capability

PSC-SSS-Laser-3MT Press Release-(2015)
Clean Flame Temperature Measurement

PSC-LASER-VIDEO-3M Press Release-(2015)
Short Wave, Real Time Video Sensor

PSC-SSS-Laser Press Release
2-Piece High Resolution Laser Series

PSC-640 Press Release-(2015)
VGA Resolution Thermal Imaging Camera

PSC-450 G7 Press Release-(2015)
Glass Industry Thermal Imaging Camera

PSC-METIS M309 M316 M318 Press Release-(2015)
Full Feature Series of Calibration Sources

METIS M311 M322 Press Release-(2015)
Precision 2-Color Pyrometer Models

Metis MY45/46 Series Press Release-(2015)
Hot Flame Temperature Measurement

Metis MB35 Press Release
High Accuracy, Low Temperature Sensor

PSC-SR56N Series Press Release-(2014)
High Performance 2-Color Sensors

PSC-SR54N Series Press Release-(2014)
High Performance 2-Color Sensors

PSC-G54NL/NV and PSC-S54NL/NV Press Release-(2014)
Cutting Edge 1-Color Pyrometers for Industry Applications

Sirius SI23 Press Release-(2013)
Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metal Temperature Measurement

Sirius SS09 and SI16 Press Release
Stand Alone Pyrometer Series

On-Line Thermal Imaging Camera Series

Extended Black Body Press Release-(2013)
12 x 12 Extended Area Blackbody Calibration Source

BBS1200 Press Release-(2012)
Ideal Size and Precision Calibration

BBS1050 Press Release-(2012)
Two Piece Precision Calibration Source

PSC-42 Series Press Release-(2012)
Compact Pyrometers with On-Board Emissivity Adjustment

PSC-CS-LASER-ML-MH Press Release-(2012)
Ultra-Small Spot Sizes and High Accuracy

PSC-SF-30/34NG Series Press Release-(2011)
New Fiber Optic Series Outperforming Thermocouples

PSC-IRVT Series Press Release-(2011)
Portable IR Series

PSC-CS Sensor Press Release-(2011)
Compact, New, and Improved OEM Solution

PSC-CS Laser Press Release-(2010)
Stand Alone Dual Laser Thermometer Series

PSC-T44G/H Series Press Release-(2010)
Self-Contained Industrial Use Pyrometers

BBS100-TE Press Release-(2010)
Simplified Precision Blackbody Calibration

PSC-90 Series Press Release-(2009)
Hand-held Digital Thermometers



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