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Benefits of Resin Measurement in Engineered Wood

In business, your bottom line is the name of the game. Cut costs; increase profits. But how?

Wood composite manufacturers—imagine what it could mean for your material costs if you could save just 1% resin in your production processes. Find out now!

Process Sensors Corporation®—the leading manufacturer of near infrared gauges for the composite board (or engineered wood) industry—is capable of measuring moisture, resin and wax, continuously and simultaneously online. Our MCT 460 WP can measure Phenolic, Urea or MDI resins, plus the wax emulsion that is added. Outputs are provided for each constituent.

Without an online monitoring device, operators tend to run the resin levels on the high side, to assure proper bonding in the press. Based on a nominal figure of $1,000,000 US average resin usage per month, if you could reduce your usage by even 0.5%, the payback for a typical gauge would be about two months!

In addition to the resin savings, the gauge will also inform you when there is a problem in the resin blender system. If nozzles become plugged, you will see an immediate indication, allowing you to recycle the board rather than run it through the press and having to discard it. If the screens become plugged, you will get an excessive amount of fines, which will consume large amounts of resin. The monitoring gauge will indicate this immediately. With these additional benefits, the return on investment is accelerated and the payback period is reduced even further.

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