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Metis H3 Pyrometer Series

Ultra High Speed Temperature Capture

The ultra-high speed (40 us) Metis H3 Series pyrometers are available in 1 and 2-color wavelength versions. Temperature ranges from 120°C to 3300°C.



High-speed pyrometers of the Metis H3 series measure temperatures many times faster than Traditional IR temperature sensors. Thereby all advantages of the digital data processing are available, maintaining high accuracy with high-speed outputs of the measurement results via analog and digital circuitry.

1 and 2-color models to select from:

  • H316, H318, H309:1-color radiation pyrometers with an exposure time of < 20 µs for more than 50,000 measurements / second.
  • 2-color pyrometers with an exposure time of < 40 µs for more than 25,000 measurements / second.

These ultra-fast pyrometers with response times of 40 and 80 microseconds respectively are fast enough to perform near real-time measurements for laser heating, annealing cladding etc. applications power control and to respond to complex workpiece geometries.

Stand-Alone Metis H3 Series: 
The Optimal Solution for Measuring Temperature in Laser Processes / Laser Applications.

Metis H3 Series of Ultra-high-speed pyrometers with extremely fast outputs measure the temperature directly at the laser welding spot. The analog or digital outputs are used to control the laser power in order to maintain the required temperature level.  IR thermometer sighting /aiming methods include: Through lens, color video or laser aiming. The IR sensor ‘s optics may be coupled into the beam path of the laser machine’s optics or externally mounted with its’ own focusable lens.

  • Unique stand-alone concept in a compact design for temperature measurement and laser control. The pyrometers are operating and communicating autonomously via digital inputs to feed the information to the control loop for adjusting the laser power. The software SensorTools is used for measurement and recording for evaluation purposes. 
  • Fully autonomous operation or remote-control commands via existing systems
  • Easy integration into existing systems
  • Integration of the IR sensor’s optics into Client’s laser system
  • Built-in calibration function for simple onsite temperature adjustment

Field of Application

  • Radiation pyrometers are mainly used for laser Metal and plastic welding applications ( 3D Additive Manufacturing), contour welding, simultaneous welding, and quasi-simultaneous welding). 
  • 2-color pyrometers in shortwave spectral response is ideally suited for measurements on metals without influence by the laser. Especially for laser power control during the laser hardening process and measurements in laser cladding processes. 

The PC software SensorTools allows    adjustment of the parameters necessary to operate and control the process. These             values are written directly into the pyrometer and keep stored there to ensure a fast and error-free integration into the measurement process.

  • Several parameter configurations can be stored and addressed without software via an external control system                                                           

Features of the H3 pyrometer connected to the software via serial interface include:

  • Visual control of the current measurement.
  • Recording and subsequent evaluation of the current measurement.
  • Start and stop of control process via external control system or software
  • External temperature setpoint setting via analog 0-10 V input.
  • Selection of stored process parameters via external control system
  • On-site calibration function: for one click recalibration of the pyrometer with a calibration source on-site (e.g. to correct measurement errors when measuring through windows or if optics are coupled into the laser).

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