Infrared Temperature Sensors

New Metis M3
Self-contained, high accuracy pyrometer with multiple analog & digital inputs/outputs. Features adj. focus optics with laser, thru lens, & color video sighting. Temp. range from 300-3300 C.
Metis Series
Self contained high accuracy with adj. focus optics, small spot size, & fast response. Offers fiber optic, 1 & 2 color versions. Features laser, thru lens, or video sighting.
Transfer Std.
Diadem DS/DI

Ultra precision transfer standard pyrometer. A high-accuracy solution for calibration verification compliance.
Sirius Series
Self-contained sensor with digital & analog outputs from 122F to 3632C. Focusable laser sighted optics with SensorTools graphical software
Polaris Series
IR Heat switch/hot metal detector. 300 - 1800C with focusable laser sighting optics & 2 solid state alarm relays.
1 & 2 color fiber optic pyrometers with laser sighted focusable optics, fast 5ms response, small spot sizes, & built in temp. display.
PSC-56 Series
Self contained 2-color sensor with thru lens, laser, or color video sighting. Has built-in interactive temp. display, & push buttons. Temp ranges from 932 - 5792 F.
PSC-54 Series
Self-contained 2-color sensor with RS485 & 4-20 mA outputs. Laser or video sighting. Temp. ranges from 932 to 5792 F. Fixed focus optics, small spot sizes & 5ms fast. PSCspot software.
PSC-44 Series
Self contained, 1-colr sensor with RS485 or 4-20 mA output. Variety of wavelengths with laser sighting. Temp ranges from -40 to 5432 F. 1 color.
PSC-42 Series
Low cost, self contained, 2-wire sensor with
4 -20 mA output, on-board emissivity adjust., small spot sizes & laser aiming (on high temp. models). Temp ranges from -40 to 4532 F.
PSC-40 Series
Self contained, 2-wire sensor with 4-20 mA output, small spot sizes & laser sighting ( for high temp models) Graphical software with Temp ranges from -40 to 5432 F.
PSC-30/34 Series

1-color fiber optic 2-wire sensor with 4-20 mA or RS485 output. Temp range 1112 - 3272 F. Fixed focus optics with high ambient temp rating of 600 F.
PSC-CS-Laser Series
Self contained 2/4 wire sensor with dual lasers, small spot sizes, built-in relay, on-board emissivity adjust. & IR sensor parameter adjust. software. Variety of wavelengths. Temp. ranges -20 to 2912 F.
PSC-SSS-Laser Series
2-piece sensor system with dual lasers, multiple analog/digital outputs, built-in temp. display, & alarms. Small spot sizes & fast response time. Temp ranges from -22 to 2912 F.
Low cost 2-wire sensor with fixed focus optics, 4 - 20 mA output, & optional software. Temp range from -22 to 1652 F
PSC-SSS Series
Low cost, 2-piece sensor system with ultra small sensing head, analog & digital outputs, built in temp. display. Sensor head rating of 356F. Ideal for OEM projects. Temp. ranges from -58 to 2900 F.
PSC-CMS Series
Low cost ultra compact sensor with 4-20 mA or 0-10 VDC output. Sensor head rating of 248 F. Small spot size, fast response, alarm & a variety of wavelengths. Temp. ranges -22 to 2900 F.
Low cost, self contained pyrometer with K thermocouple & 0-10VDC outputs. Has a built-in alarm with optional real time software. FOV 15:1. Temp ranges from -40 to 1886
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