Process Sensors Corporation


Ratio fiber optic pyrometer

A 2-color fiber optic pyrometer ideal for industrial applications. Has various temperature ranges from 600 to 3000°C. All parameters are adjustable via push-buttons displayed directly on the device. The fiber optic cable and lens assembly can be used in ambient temperatures up to 250°C without cooling.



The digital pyrometers PSC-SRF11N are especially designed for industrial temperature measurement from 600 °C. They utilize the 2-color system which has the advantage of measurement widely independent from the emissivity. The solid body with fiber optics cable allows usage even under rough environmental conditions. The bright temperature display is visible even over long distance.

With a fast response time of only 5 ms these pyrometers are suitable for fast measuring processes. The device is equipped with integrated, galvanically isolated RS485 interface which allows parameterising and software evaluation even in bus systems. All parameters are adjustable via push-buttons and display directly on the device. Parameters can easily be adjusted to the application via parameterizing and evaluation soft-ware PSC-Spot.



Temperature Range
600 - 3000°C
Spectral range
0.7 µm to 1.1 µm
Response Time
5 ms, adjustable up to 100 s
ROH I-100, ROH II-65, ROH II-250
Min. Spot Size
0.7 mm

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