Process Sensors Corporation

Portable IR Thermometers

The most techologically advanced portable Capella C3 series is offered in 1 or 2-color versions with precision accuracy, rugged aluminum housing with rubber bumpers, adjustable focus optics, and ultra fast speed of response. It comes in high resolution optics (FOV: 350:1) with the ability to display minimum, maximum, and average temperature simultaneously in real-time.

The Capella C3 series which features green laser and  thru-lens optical sighting for fast and easy alignment onto the target under measurement. PSC software for analysis & data logging, and on board audible / visible alarms enable stronger user control. The precision adjustable focus optics provide ultra small spot sizes with fast 1ms response and highly accurate temperature measurements from 250°C to 3300°C.

The short wavelength portable IR Capella C3 thermometers (less than 3u) are very effective in measuring metals / shiny surface applications. Examples include molten metals and crucibles, induction heating of metals, furnace applications, molten glass, semiconductor wafers, composites, ceramics, and spot measurements viewing through glass, quartz, or sapphire windows into a vacuum furnace.

Capella C3 Series

The Capella C3 Series of hand-held, battery operated 1- and 2-color IR thermometers brings all the advanced measurement capabilities of PSC fixed mounted pyrometers to the workplace in portable form. This rugged, incredibly accurate portable series offers green laser aiming and through lens sighting, ultra fast speed of response, short-wave devices for precise non-contact measurement of metals, molten glass, furnace refractory, kilns, ceramics, composites, and semi-conductor wafers and susceptors. Features temperature ranges from 250°C to 3300°C.