Process Sensors Corporation

PSC-400 IMMS MoldMinder System

Superior Injection Mold Protection

The PSC-400 Injection MoldMinder system prevents damage to expensive molds and eliminates costly production downtime by utilizing the many innovative functions of the PSC-400 thermal imaging camera.



Industrial injection molded part presses have a high risk factor of experiencing critical damage due to molded parts sticking within the mold cavities.  If the mold is allowed to close before all the parts are ejected, serious damage to the mold surfaces can occur.  The Process Sensors Model PSC-400 IMMS MoldMinder Thermal Imaging Camera System views and identifies parts that are retained in the mold.  The smart logic system (SLS) sends a signal to the mold machine to activate the mold ejection pins until all the molded parts are ejected and then signals the mold to close. If the parts remain stuck, the PSC-400 IMMS keeps the mold open and provides an alarm for an operator's assistance.

The new design includes a 5.7 inch display with sixteen ROI’s on one screen.  Four LED’s that indicate proper camera functioning and the completion of sequences have been added to simplify trouble shooting.  Additionally, the operator can program the molding operation sequence to allow the ejector pins to operate multiple times instead of just once.  A warning symbol has been added to indicate a process stop when a part is stuck in a cavity; this alerts the operator who must then acknowledge that the faulty part has been removed before production can be resumed.

Users of the PSC-400 IMMS experience no false alarms due to shadowing on the mold that is inherent with use of visible CCD machine camera vision systems.  Process Sensors infrared camera technology solves the problems that can occur with visible ambient plant lighting.  Color variations of plastics, shiny mold surfaces or ambient lighting conditions do not impose any problems when using the PSC-400 IMMS.

The PSC-400 IMMS system is highly reliable in 24/7 operations. The simplicity of operation, easy set up and seamless interface with existing injection molding machines makes it an ideal choice. The IMMS includes a custom engineered data acquisition and logic interface system and is currently being successfully used by leading high-duty injection molding plastics manufacturers.

The system features quick and simple camera set up parameters via a touch screen display and allows the selection of up to 16 ROI’s (Regions of Interest) and setting of analog output alarms for each ROI.  The included PSC Camera Connect smart software package also retains templates of previous jobs for quick retrieval of data and time-saving set-ups.

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