Process Sensors Corporation

Industries & Applications

Rapid product analysis is critical in all manufacturing processes to maintain consistent product quality, increase yield and minimize costs. With an extensive applications library built by our experts over twenty years and thousands of installations across six continents, Process Sensors supports industries that directly impact the daily lives of billions of people. Food production, wood products manufacture, power generation, metal processing and dozens of other crucial industries rely on Process Sensors instrumentation every day. 

Not all industries and applications are listed below. Our applications lab is constantly conducting feasibility testing for new applications. Contact us to discuss your application with an expert today. Our deep industry knowledge and straightforward partnership approach ensures you receive the best product for your specific application and full support when you need it during and after installation.

Paper, Converting, and Plastics

Infrared temperature sensing and its uses in various plastic and paper industries


IR cameras are used to locate low or high temperature areas which can cause future asphalt problems such as cracking & delamination.


Wood-based products including oriented strand board (OSB), particleboard, fiberboard (MDF), panelboard, sawdust, wood pellets and hog fuel


Molten pouring streams, ladle shell and torpedo car, continuous caster, spray chamber, cutting operations, rolling mill, and laminar cooling line


Metals processing including automotive and aircraft component manufacture, tool making, vacuum melting, electric motor manufacture, tube forming and pipe casting

Cement & Lime

Kilns and clinker coolers used in cement & lime processing


Fossil fuel boilers, biomass boilers and recovery boilers

Semiconductor Processes